My Adventure with Film.

In 2017, I won an eBay auction to get my clunky but personable Canon 1v. The next day, I started teaching myself to shoot film. The rest is history! Becoming a film photographer has changed my approach to the craft. My film work has inspired my digital work, informing my style and method. Unlike digital, where I could just click away on a 128gb memory card, film allows me to slow down and consider each composition. It’s taught me the value of intention and deliberation in my creative process to tell better stories through my images. And I want to share it with you! I’m slowly building film into all of my wedding packages.

Why Film Matters For You.

Since color film has been around for decades, the true-to-life colors and aesthetic of film have stood the test of time. I want your images to be timeless as well, and so I strive for my digital work to have a film-like look. Film has a tangible and nostalgic quality, making it a favorite of mine for documenting family vacations, too. Many of the photos in this gallery are just that, but you’ll see a few from weddings scattered in there as well. I’ve begun to bring my Canon 1v for all of my couples this year, and I can’t wait to add more to this collection.

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